Perfecting Blenders – The magic of Three

Introducing latex free perfecting cosmetic blenders.  The ideal, multi-purpose tool to support all your makeup application needs.  


Our Difference

Multi-Purpose Designs: Specialized shapes offer rounded and straight edges to allow for multiple application methods.

Latex Free Material: Good for all skin types; non comedogenic material is easy to clean.

Flawless Finish: Delivers a flawless finish compared to makeup brushes or fingers. Will not create stripes; helps to blend markup perfectly on all areas of the face.

Eco Friendly: Our sponges are packaged in eco-friendly material and created using eco friendly production methods.

Perfecting Blenders 3 Pack


    • 3 edge Beautifying Sponge: The perfect blender for foundation and tinted moisturizer application. Run through water to expand the overall surface area of your blender, use a small drop of foundation for full, even flawless coverage.
    • Diamond Design: The multiple edges and points help to create perfect lines around the eyes and lips. Precise eye-Lines and perfect lips are simple and now achievable with your Quick Beauty tool.
    • Pillow Top Sponge: Great for blending blush or for contouring. Perfect partner for makeup removal especially around the eyes. When used with a facial cleanser, our pillow top sponge gently cleanses away the day. Perfect for lash extensions.